The DSMDC is a court-connected Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre that offers various Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as arbitration, conciliation, negotiation, mediation, early neutral evaluation and hybrid processes, to supplement litigation as the available resource for justice. These ADR mechanisms provide speedy resolution of dispute, confidentiality, and user friendly, timely and cost effective access to justice. The DSMDC’s objective is to help those in conflict settle before trial and this will save them time and money, not to talk of the peace of settlement.

It is the responsibility of the High Court of Justice of Delta State to encourage the adoption of ADR mechanisms in resolving disputes, including urging parties to explore settlement at the DSMDC, especially when one of the parties to an action in court is willing to do so. Order 29. High Court of Delta State Civil Procedure Rules states that a Court or Judge, with the consent of the parties, may encourage settlement of any matter(s) before it, by either -
(a) Arbitration;
(b) Conciliation;
(c) Mediation; or
(d) Any other lawfully recognized method of dispute resolution

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