Frequently Asked Questions

1.Question: How long does it take for settlement to be reached in a matter?
Answer: It takes a very short time. However Parties’ willingness to settle is a very vital factor.

2.Question: What is the cost implication of bringing your matter to the DSMDC?
Answer: It costs only a token sum.

3.Question: How can a matter be initiated in the DSMDC?
Answer:Three ways viz: Walk-in, Court Referred and Intervention
 Walk-in is a situation where party(ies) come to the DSMDC to initiate a case.
 Court Referred is where a court sends or refers a case from the court to the DSMDC.
 Direct Intervention is where the Director General of the DSMDC or the ADR Judge invites disputants to a meeting to explore options towards an amicable resolution of their dispute

4.Question: Is the settlement reached at the DSMDC binding and enforceable?
Answer: Yes it is because the Multi-Door Courthouse is Court Connected. That is the hallmark of Multi-Door Courthouse in the ADR system. If a matter comes to the DSMDC by way of Walk-in or Intervention, immediately the Parties sign the Settlement Agreement, it is sent to an ADR Judge who signs and it automatically becomes a Judgment of the Court. However, if a matter comes to the DSMDC by way of Court-Referral, if a settlement is reached, the Terms of Settlement will be sent back to the court that referred the matter for endorsement and it becomes judgment of the court.