A lawyer


A former Chairman of the NBA Asaba branch expressed during one of the NBA monthly meetings of how he had a matter that has been lingering for a long time which was settled by the DSMDC within a short period. He expressed how he was greatly inspired by the ADR process.

Family Issue


A certain woman said that the Multi-Door Courthouse helped her reconcile with her Husband. “I came to the Multi-Door Courthouse to help me with divorce proceedings because I could no longer leave with my Husband without us fighting over everything from upkeep to the kid’s school fees.
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“My community approached the DSMDC to assist us in the settlement of a lingering dispute that has claimed lives and properties. The DSMDC invited all Parties, including officials of the State Government and the Oil Company occupying the land in dispute. It was a happy scene when the DSMDC helped us to come to an agreement that was beneficial to all”.

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